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New Board / 2022 looking for last minute runner
« Last post by Kerry on June 14, 2022, 08:29:14 pm »
  Team Sasquatch Sprinters is looking for a runner! We are down runner 2. We are a co-ed non competitive team, blend of relay veterans and newbies, who is just out to have fun and does not care at all about pace. Message me if you are interested!
New Board / Re: 2022 Team AwesomeSauce looking for 1 runner
« Last post by on June 14, 2022, 12:21:45 pm »
Ug, for a few weeks we had a full roster.  We have a teammate from CA who is ill, so are, indeed, back to looking for 1 (one) runner on our super Awesome team.  See the post above for details.  We'll have a team meet-n-greet on Thursday in the Ashland area.

Thanks! Happy Running!
New Board / Re: 1 really cool runner needed for our really cool team - co-ed
« Last post by JoeKrajewski on June 12, 2022, 11:19:59 am »

Team "Will's Rogue Runners' is looking for 4 runners.  We are a team based in the Portland/Vancouver area.  We run HTC and CLR every year.  This we decided to add the Wild Rogue to races.
We are an average paced team consisting so far of 4 men & 4 women.
We run to honor my late son Will who passed away from cancer at the age of 17.  Will loved to run and did HTC at the age of 13 so we are inspired by his spirit every mile of the race.


Joe Krajewski
New Board / Re: 1 really cool runner needed for our really cool team - co-ed
« Last post by mirandaf on June 11, 2022, 03:29:58 pm »
Hey there! Still looking for a runner? I'm pretty cool (can provide references  :D ) would love to chat more with ya.
New Board / Need only one more runner to make 12 for 2022
« Last post by Kevin McCoy on June 08, 2022, 04:40:54 pm »
Hi potential team members,  YES WE STILL NEED SOMEONE

Team "We are the Crampions" needs 1 more runner...  We are (almost) a 12 member co-ed team made up of a variation of non-runners to almost runners, mostly men (9 men, 2 women).  Our paces vary between ~13:00 to ~7:00 min/mile.  Our original team was supposed to run the 2020 race, which was canceled due to covid.  Now we are almost a whole different group of runners; we're from the Rogue Valley, mostly unacquainted, so you'll probably fit right in.  This is our first time as a team, but a couple people have run it before...(I think)  Anyway, give me a shoutout if interested.  Oh, and we got a discount because of the previous year cancelations, so the entry fee is much less...

One van (Grants Pass based) is returning Saturday after the race, not sure about the other one (Eagle Point based)...probably coming back on Sunday after camping over night in azalea park.  We're still up in the air about logistics.

~Kevin McCoy
New Board / 1 really cool runner needed for our really cool team - co-ed
« Last post by wintermcculloch on June 06, 2022, 07:01:40 pm »
Come hang with our co-ed non competitive team. We are here for the experience and we love to run.
New Board / looking for 1-4 runners
« Last post by malad on June 04, 2022, 10:41:26 pm »
Hey there,

It's a couple of weeks out and we have 8 dedicated runners and a hand full of maybes that seem to be falling to the wayside. We'd like to run this relay with 12 runners. We've done dozens of relays but have never run this one. We're a mixed team that is not competitive though we do like to finish! email call or text if you would like to join our team.

General Discussion / Back to where I came from...
« Last post by chrysoutdoors on May 23, 2022, 10:42:47 pm »
It looks like I may need to head back home earlier than my teammates.  Is anyone heading towards the start line/Jackson/Medford on Saturday that might have space in their van?
New Board / 2022 Team AwesomeSauce looking for 1 runner
« Last post by on May 21, 2022, 06:56:26 pm »
Hi All!

Team AwesomeSauce [...Wild and Scenic Miletastic Runagades] is looking for an experienced runner for van 1.  Our co-ed team (AWSMR for short) has run the relay since 2014; our runners have spanned a few HS and College cross country runners, to one or two 50+, and all levels of experience, but most of the core of the team is in their 40s and are ex-marathoners, triathletes, and adventure racers. Our runners’ paces have spanned sub 6:30s to 12 min/mile, and overall we finish in about 31.5-33 hours. We know everyone on the team is there to run as fast and hard as they can and still have fun; we give everyone on the team as much support as we can, regardless of pace.

Most of our runners like to run and cheer in costume; that covers anything from just fun gear to full superhero digs. We have a house near the beach rented for race weekend (showers and breakfast before the last legs are a good thing) and enjoy recovering from the race with good food, drink, and some recovery time in the hottub.

You can contact me directly at if you're interested in joining up.

Happy running,
New Board / 9 person Blue Ridge Bootleggers! Seeking 4 runners.
« Last post by Harley on May 21, 2022, 06:51:47 am »
We will be a non-competitive team of fun runners. When we signed up in 2020 we were a team from South Carolina. Covid and life has gotten in the way of half the team and we find ourselves in need of 4 runners.

We’re just looking for 4 fun people who like to run.

You can contact me through email or text:

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