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2022 Team AwesomeSauce looking for 1 runner

Hi All!

Team AwesomeSauce [...Wild and Scenic Miletastic Runagades] is looking for an experienced runner for van 1.  Our co-ed team (AWSMR for short) has run the relay since 2014; our runners have spanned a few HS and College cross country runners, to one or two 50+, and all levels of experience, but most of the core of the team is in their 40s and are ex-marathoners, triathletes, and adventure racers. Our runners’ paces have spanned sub 6:30s to 12 min/mile, and overall we finish in about 31.5-33 hours. We know everyone on the team is there to run as fast and hard as they can and still have fun; we give everyone on the team as much support as we can, regardless of pace.

Most of our runners like to run and cheer in costume; that covers anything from just fun gear to full superhero digs. We have a house near the beach rented for race weekend (showers and breakfast before the last legs are a good thing) and enjoy recovering from the race with good food, drink, and some recovery time in the hottub.

You can contact me directly at if you're interested in joining up.

Happy running,
Ug, for a few weeks we had a full roster.  We have a teammate from CA who is ill, so are, indeed, back to looking for 1 (one) runner on our super Awesome team.  See the post above for details.  We'll have a team meet-n-greet on Thursday in the Ashland area.

Thanks! Happy Running!


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