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New Board / Need only one more runner to make 12 for 2022
« on: June 08, 2022, 04:40:54 pm »
Hi potential team members,  YES WE STILL NEED SOMEONE

Team "We are the Crampions" needs 1 more runner...  We are (almost) a 12 member co-ed team made up of a variation of non-runners to almost runners, mostly men (9 men, 2 women).  Our paces vary between ~13:00 to ~7:00 min/mile.  Our original team was supposed to run the 2020 race, which was canceled due to covid.  Now we are almost a whole different group of runners; we're from the Rogue Valley, mostly unacquainted, so you'll probably fit right in.  This is our first time as a team, but a couple people have run it before...(I think)  Anyway, give me a shoutout if interested.  Oh, and we got a discount because of the previous year cancelations, so the entry fee is much less...

One van (Grants Pass based) is returning Saturday after the race, not sure about the other one (Eagle Point based)...probably coming back on Sunday after camping over night in azalea park.  We're still up in the air about logistics.

~Kevin McCoy

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